Melilea Soya Organic, Best Soya in Market


Melilea Soymilk is a drink made from the extract of soybean extract, this drink is made only using superior, non-genetically engineered soybeans and is combined with unique and cutting-edge production technology to produce delicious soy milk without compromising its nutritional value. Soy Milk or people usually call it Green Cow Milk, this drink has been known to be very good since decades ago. Melilea Soy Milk is the best soy milk ever, because it is made from selected soy ingredients and of excellent quality. It is produced from the best organic fields in the black soil of China’s Heilongjiang Province, where the area is well known for its very fertile soil.

Soy milk is an excellent source of protein as a substitute for animal milk, red meat, seafood, and high cholesterol fatty foods. Melilea Soy Milk is a food that is full of vegetable protein, and contains 8 amino acids which are well known substances that are very good for the body. The content in soy milk is 40% higher than unprocessed plant and meaty foods.

Ingredients in Soya Melilea

Soy Protein

Is the best choice for vegetable protein, providing the amino acids needed by the body which are important substances for maintaining health and vitality.

Soy Isoflavones

Is a natural vegetable estrogen, as well as having a function as an anti-oxidant.

Soy Lecithin

Lecithin is a nutrient that protects the health of the brain and nerve cells.

Soy Saponins

Natural anti-oxidants contained in soybeans.

Benefits of Melilea Soy Milk

1. Selection of Good and Superior Quality Materials

Selected non-genetically engineered soybeans with superior quality, containing natural maltose and sucrose.
superior quality products ranging from superior material selection.

2. Made Naturally And Rich In Nutrients

100% contains natural vegetable nutrients from soybeans, without artificial coloring, artificial fragrances, synthetic nutrients or preservatives.

3. Strict Production Technology

By preserving the natural nutrients contained in soybeans, it will aid absorption and digestion in the human body, accompanied by quality and safety management in accordance with GMP and HCCP standards.

4. Strong Aroma And Delicious Taste

The skin and sprouts are removed to remove unpleasant odors, so as to maintain the original taste of pure soybeans with a strong aroma, natural color and delicious taste